AQ Assessment


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We have heard the very real statistics and feel the pace of change sweeping every facet of society. As newly minted AQ Foundation Practitioners, we have a special role and responsibility to help individuals, teams and organizations cultivate this critical skill.

Offering a dynamic, experiential learning opportunity, Nancy Watt takes a fun-filled, deep dive into the research and gives participants the most important and salient points in each of the seventeen components that make up the validated AQ Assessment. Using the tools and techniques of Applied Improvisation, she delivers seventeen improv exercises that facilitators can use to elucidate and experience the A.C.E. Model of AQ.

Improv is powerfully and uniquely well suited to train our adaptability, and as pedagogical research reveals, humans learn best when they are having fun and laughing together. AQ Foundation Practitioners will also adopt the skills of the improviser, giving them the necessary mental agility to navigate interesting and challenging facilitation.

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