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Nancy Watt

Offering a dynamic, experiential learning opportunity, Nancy Watt takes a deep dive into the research and gives participants the most important and salient points in each of the seventeen components that make up the validated AQ Assessment. Using the tools and techniques of Applied Improvisation, she delivers seventeen improv exercises that facilitators can use to elucidate and experience the A.C.E. Model of AQ.

Improv is powerfully and uniquely well suited to train for adaptability, and as pedagogical research reveals, humans learn best when they are having fun and laughing together. AQ Foundation Practitioners will also adopt the skills of the improviser, giving them the necessary mental agility to navigate interesting and challenging facilitation.

Congratulations on becoming an AQ Foundation Practitioner.

Now the work (and the fun) starts. 😊

We have heard the statistics and feel the pace of change sweeping every facet of society. As newly minted AQ Foundation Practitioners, we have a special role and responsibility to help individuals, teams and organizations cultivate this critical skill.




Known as a ‘Pracademic’, Nancy is a highly skilled speaker, facilitator and communications specialist. A graduate of Second City Toronto and Chicago Conservatory Improv and Comedy Sketch Writing, she is also a Practitioner of Positive Psychology, an Applied Improvisation Practitioner and a graduate of the first cohort of the AQ Foundation Practitioner Course. She is a Graduate of Cornell University’s Diversity & Inclusion Executive Program and consults with companies to deliver measured and experiential learning.


Her work takes her to all sectors - healthcare, education, government and business. She has presented at many corporate leadership conferences, medical schools, Harvard Engineering, Princeton Plasma Physics Lab, Rutgers Engineers Without Borders and University of Toronto in multiple departments. She is rated in the Top Five Leadership Workshops at the Microsoft global conference four years running and delivers the Diversity and Inclusion training workshops to all STEM fields.


She believes the work of AQ.ai to be a monster and will largely lead the way in training and development programs over the next decade. As such, she is committed to making sure the AQ Foundation Practitioners are armed with as much information and Adaptable Facilitation skills, as necessary.

Adaptability Assessments

Improv in Business

Nancy writes, speaks and delivers training for corporate clients.

Mental agility, dealing with unpredictable situations, adapting to change, listening deeply and communicating effectively. Just a few of the critical 21st century workplace skills that are gained through improv training. The bonus: one ton of laughter and team cohesion built along the way.

NWC collaborates with the best improvisers and communicators to disseminate evidence-based research from the fields of Behavioral Psychology, Positive Psychology, Organizational Theory and Behavior Economics

We improve participants’ management skills to help them thrive in dynamic and sometimes chaotic business environments. We tap their intuitive judgment, leverage all resources available to them, and watch them act decisively in the moment. Empathy, resiliency, leadership and followership skills build a formidable team. We know how that's done.

Improv in Healthcare

Improv workshops delivered at the inpatient psychiatric facility, St. Joseph’s Healthcare in Hamilton. Womankind an inpatient addiction treatment center and MASH, Men’s Addiction Service Hamilton also receive communication and creativity improv workshops.

St. Joseph’s Youth Wellness Center has agreed to funding a proper study using improv as a wellness marker for clients. Tests pre and post a 12-week Drop In Improv Workshop Series will include the Depression Score, Social Anxiety Score and Self Esteem score. A conference paper will be written and delivered to healthcare sector conferences late 2017.

Improv in the Neighbourhood

LAUGH LINES – Improv for Seniors

Well earned laugh lines get a work out in this creative, story-telling rich workshop where life experience counts for everything. Shattering the age bias is just the beginning in the creative, fun-filled workshop. Proof that laughter is the best medicine, keeping everyone young at heart

HOLY IMPROV – Improv for Clergy

The extroverted arena of improv meets the introverted realm of contemplative practice…and merge to gain greater insights. Religious leaders of all faiths meet regularly to connect and create together. Priests, Rabbis, Imams, Native Elders and Ministers have all enjoyed this workshop where we partner with a larger mystery. Victor Borge once said, “The shortest distance between two people is laughter.”

"100 staff and graduate students attended. It was easily one of the most dynamic and effective colloquia we have ever given."
David M. Harrison, Senior Lecturer Emeritus
University of Toronto

"It was fantastic! Improv encouraged even the most shy and introverted student and it gave the extroverted types the opportunity to listen. I cannot say enough how powerful the afternoon was for my students. It was one of the highlights of my teaching career."

L. Richards, Teacher of 23 yrs,
Brookdale Elementary, Oakville, Ontario

"I collaborated on a networking event with Nancy for Enterprising Women and found her to be a real joy to work with. She was professional, delightful, engaging and I would highly recommend her as a key note speaker!"
Marty Britton, President & CEO
Britton Management Profiles Inc.

"Nancy presented a dynamic lesson on bridging the gender communication gap…insightful, active, engaging and thought-provoking…with more laughter than we’ve ever shared at our local monthly engineering meeting."
Mary Ellen Bruce Large, P.E., D.GE | Director of Technical Activities
Deep Foundations Institute

"Improv was a scary word for me until I met Nancy! She instantly brought a light to my group and helped each and every one of us shine brighter. She was even kind enough to stay late and help us perfect some of our business improv skills - which have certainly paid off!! Thank you Nancy, we will be calling again!"
Bailey Morrison, The Rhyze Project & Events Coordinator
Innovation Guelph

I thoroughly enjoyed myself – it was such a nice break from my usual daily routine and I found the experience and learning very meaningful. Thank you for sharing your talent and expertise.

Rabbi Jordan Cohen

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