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We listen deeply, communicate effectively and connect authentically through various forms.

We write, speak, improvise and train.


A friend to the pen, we write blogs, eBooks, content marketing and winning award submissions. Television & corporate video scripts that are crisp and professional. Speeches, CEO Roasts and company comedy sketches that live on long after the company picnic.


Being inherently positive and collaborative, improv brings connection and insight. The “yes, and” approach to work, family and life allows for greater possibilities and open communication. How we communicate, how we are perceived and learning to respond rather than react are just a few important takeaways.


Facilitation involves deep listening and an acuity in communication. Process and agenda are choreographed into group cohesion and cooperation. The secret is a group process that flows – and with it will flow the group’s ideas, solutions, and decisions.

“What we learn with pleasure we never forget.” Albert Mercier


A sought after speaker, Nancy informs, inspires and challenges her audience by arousing curiosity, eliciting creative problem-solving and tapping the audience’s intuitive knowledge.


Loose Tooth Improv:

Laughter through Cooperation

For younger grades, Loose Tooth is all about the fun found in cooperation. The best smiles are the toothy ones and in this 60-90 minute workshop children learn to give and take to create. Improv games promote listening and learning through laughter.

Helping others is key for these games to succeed and when everyone works together, something magical is built.

Smarten Up:

Presentation and Think-fast skills

For middle school aged children this dynamic workshop highlights the listening, focus and speed work of improv. Feeling confident and smart is the result of this highly interactive workshop. Middle Schoolers get valuable improv training allowing them to think on their feet, deal with the unpredictable and most of all, feel smart!

At this age students enter the public speaking arena for the first time and need to understand non-verbal communication, voice projection and other effective speaking techniques.


The triangulation of relationships and status building

Older grades enjoy this edgier, more mature improv session where character development, status building and conflict resolution is explored in a comraderie-filled and safe environment. This insightful workshop spotlights communication styles and how those styles can enhance or hinder relationships. For many, it’s often a first look into the dynamics of gender, age and ethnicity differences.

A strong foundation of improv basics and team building exercises is given.


For many in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics arena, communicating with clarity and meaning is a challenge. This dynamic workshop explores creativity and a different way of thinking and learning using improv, physicality and decisions based on character and emotional offers.


A presentation skills workshop for Engineers, IT professionals and others who deliver technical talks. Knowing how to engage the audience, read body language and communicate effectively is important to any presentation. Based on the work of the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science, this highly regarded workshop has been offered to McMaster, U of T Physics Department and technology companies.

Communication Gap: Skills for Bridging the Gender Divide

Learn how to enhance employees’ communication skills for efficiency, integrity, and achievement at all levels of an organization. Social psychology reveals subtle and powerful ways that men and women disconnect.

This costs an organization and the best way to examine the chasm is through laughter and insight.

Working Improv: Play for Creativity

This fun session introduces participants to the power of play and fundamentals of improvisation to tap creativity. Research explains how play shapes our brains, inspires creativity and creates competence. For workers in the digital economy, creativity is mined in the fields of inspiration. Unleashing creativity through play is a powerful experience and members will leave feeling invigorated and motivated to take back to their teams exercises that inspire and focus on results.

Working Improv for Teams: Blasting through with TNT ("Trust N' Teams")

Strong teams with a high level of trust are like dynamite that can blast through any obstacle. Without a foundation of trust, teams lack the speed and agility required to compete on today’s world stage. This fun and highly interactive session will use time-tested communication and awareness techniques from the field of improvisation to help participants create an employee engagement action plan for their organizations. Along with a few laughs, the session’s souvenirs will be the positive implications of leading with “yes”, the benefits of focused listening, and the value of communicating clear intention.

Working Improv for Sales Success: Spontaneous Genius

As a seasoned sales professional you know that you need to be ready for anything—to adjust at a moment’s notice, to overcome objections, to deftly bring new perspectives to the table and, to always, always turn a negative into a positive. The nimble-footed, quick-thinking Spontaneous Genius is armed with tools embracing the three A’s: Accept, Acknowledge, and Accelerate. This fun and highly interactive session will use time tested communication and awareness techniques from the field of improvisation to teach participants how to put the three A’s to work:

  • Accept — Hone skills in listening and observation.
  • Acknowledge — Learn to be present and open in the moment.
  • Accelerate — React spontaneously and seamlessly to present new perspectives.

Working Improv: Executive Presence for Women

How you are perceived is one of the most important factors in your leadership portfolio. Projecting executive presence outweighs competency and experience as a critical factor in career advancement. Falling short on executive presence is often cited as the biggest barrier for women pursuing more senior positions. According to research, how you act and how you communicate account for 95% of executive presence. This workshop will focus on applying the time-tested communication and awareness techniques from the art of improvisation to the specific and most common challenges women face in establishing their executive presence. Key to this session will be understanding what and how status is conveyed, how to adjust status to advance a situation, and how communicate messages with authenticity, authority, and intention.

"100 staff and graduate students attended. It was easily one of the most dynamic and effective colloquia we have ever given."
David M. Harrison, Senior Lecturer Emeritus
University of Toronto

"It was fantastic! Improv encouraged even the most shy and introverted student and it gave the extroverted types the opportunity to listen. I cannot say enough how powerful the afternoon was for my students. It was one of the highlights of my teaching career."

L. Richards, Teacher of 23 yrs,
Brookdale Elementary, Oakville, Ontario

"I collaborated on a networking event with Nancy for Enterprising Women and found her to be a real joy to work with. She was professional, delightful, engaging and I would highly recommend her as a key note speaker!"
Marty Britton, President & CEO
Britton Management Profiles Inc.

"Nancy presented a dynamic lesson on bridging the gender communication gap…insightful, active, engaging and thought-provoking…with more laughter than we’ve ever shared at our local monthly engineering meeting."
Mary Ellen Bruce Large, P.E., D.GE | Director of Technical Activities
Deep Foundations Institute

"Improv was a scary word for me until I met Nancy! She instantly brought a light to my group and helped each and every one of us shine brighter. She was even kind enough to stay late and help us perfect some of our business improv skills - which have certainly paid off!! Thank you Nancy, we will be calling again!"
Bailey Morrison, The Rhyze Project & Events Coordinator
Innovation Guelph

I thoroughly enjoyed myself – it was such a nice break from my usual daily routine and I found the experience and learning very meaningful. Thank you for sharing your talent and expertise.

Rabbi Jordan Cohen

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